Spaces connect People.  When you Create and Design a Space, you are creating an Energy and Designing a feeling for the environment for your Life, Office, Business or Retail Space. 

Our Mission is to bring your Personality into your Home, attract the right Buyer for a Property, find your the fitting New Property and make it uniquely yours, inject an inspiring environment into your Office and Business or design a Retail Space that speaks directly to your Clientele. 

With 40 Years experience throughout a number of different fields, Property Styling, Construction, Real Estate, Property Development and Homewares Retail, I have cultivated my Passion for Style and the Skills to Transform any Space.

My unique ability to connect with your Vision and translate it into a Space is what has defined the success of Innovative Property Consulting.

This isn’t about the latest Trends, or Styles, its about encompassing all the your Space has to offer, requires and has the Potential to be.

To optimise the function and feel of any Space, its Styling is of the utmost importance and it is with this understanding, commitment and flair that I create Spaces for People to connect to, to thrive in and make your Vision your Reality.

Allow me to Style your Property, while you have your eyes towards your new adventure, focus on the Work you do best, manage your Business or Service the flow of your Clientele.